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Want Healthier Stronger Nails? Try an organic eco-friendly diet!

We already know that things like stress and diet affect our overall well-being. We also know that the state of our health can be reflected by the condition of our nails. Brittle, rippled, or peeling nails can be tell-tale signs that our health or even diets are not in order. There are ways to keep our nails healthy and strong in between visits to the nail salon (eco-friendly of course!). Today we are going to focus on our diets. There is a myriad of reasons to maintain a healthy diet from of our heart health; to our waistlines.  Maybe we don’t think about the condition of our nails where our diets are concerned. We are so busy living our lives.   Our diets often contain those fast or chemically processed (non-organic) foods because that’s all we seemingly have time for.  Next thing we know, our nails are breaking and peeling amidst the million tasks we take on each day.

There is good news! Not only will improving our diet makes us feel better, perform better, and look better, our nails will benefit too! Including certain foods each day will help protect your vulnerable nails from damage.  In addition to making better food choices, consider buying organically grown fruits, vegetables, and meats (proteins). They are healthier and safer for you, your family, and our environment. Here are three important nutrients and what foods to find them in for better nail health:

Biotin/Vitamin H

Biotin (Vitamin H) is an important component to include in our diets to enhance overall nail health. It helps improve nail strength. You can find it in foods such as, eggs, peanuts, salmon, bananas and beans. That banana at lunch or egg for breakfast gives you energy and helps keep nails strong.


To grow healthy nails they need the structural protein known as keratin.  The best way to get keratin into your diet is through lean meats. For example, diced chicken in your salad at lunch, or a serving of turkey the size of playing card (length and width) for dinner. Also, proteins can be found in soybeans, whole grains, nuts, and seafood. Be sure to include these foods (organic alternatives too!) into your diet each day for strong healthy nails.


Zinc is another important nutrient to include in our diets because it helps our immune system function properly. Zinc is a component of hundreds of enzymes in the body, some of which assist in regulating the body’s ability to make new proteins that form the building blocks of healthy nails. During the day, instead of a candy bar for a snack, try a handful of nuts like cashews, they are a healthy protein and also contain zinc. Zinc can also be found in green beans, mushrooms, spinach, and oysters.

Our hands and nails are often times one of the first things people notice about us.  Healthy looking well-groomed hands and nails gives us a polished positive impression. A healthy diet comprised of nutrient rich foods (preferably organic alternatives) can give us the good health and the beautiful nails we so desire.  Lastly, treating ourselves for this worthwhile effort with a trip to an eco-friendly nail salon is a perfect way to relax while caring for ourselves, our nails, and our environment.

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Green Nail Salons-Helping Our Environment Be Healthy, One Manicure at a Time.

Green Nail Salons-Helping Our Environment Be Healthy, One Manicure at a Time.

The “going green” initiative is an important, environmentally healthy approach that nail salons across the country have now begun to embrace. This is great news for the people who work and patron nail salons. In 2007, Time Magazine named nail salon work among the worst jobs in the United States due to the amount of toxic chemicals they are exposed to in the workplace. Currently, the U.S. cosmetic industry sells products that are not tested for safety, and manufacturers use known toxins in products they know are unsafe. In truth, only 11 percent of the 12, 500 chemicals used in cosmetic products have been tested for your safety. Despite all this, we spend about $6 Billion per year on salon products and treatments. Revive Nails also embraces the healthier approach to nail care through organic alternatives in nail and skin care. These practices help you and their employees live a little healthier every time you visit!
Revive Nails located on the border of Wicker Park and Noble Square in Chicago Illinois, has employed innovative “green” ways to meet the demands of an environmentally, and health conscious clientele. Some of the ways we help you stay healthy are:
 Exceeding state requirements for sanitation and sterilization
 Employ an extensive line of chemical free vegan nail polishes
 Using handmade organic skin and nail products
 Using beautiful reclaimed wood in our clean green salon
 Ensuring staff is educated and knowledgeable about the best practices in organic nail/skin care
Green nail salons have so much more to offer than just fabulous nails. We offer you the opportunity to help us keep our Earth a healthier place. We also offer a new buffer and file with your service, that you take home, complimentary tea or wine served in clean reusable glass, tissue toe separators instead of traditional plastic ones, and a clean healthy salon experience from professionals who share your passion for a better environment. Together we can make a difference in our environment and the impacts our decisions have on our futures, and that of the people we love. You will leave feeling beautiful inside and out!
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