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The Beauty, Body, and Mind Connection-Eco-friendly nail care.

The Beauty, Body, and Mind Connection-Eco-friendly nail care.

There is a definite connection between the state of our minds and how it affects our bodies, specifically, our nails. We already know our entire bodies are impacted by stress; a quick way to determine just how stressed out you really are-just look at your nails. Are they brittle and peeling? Do they have ridges? Do you chew your nails down to the nub? If you answered yes, it’s time for a time-out from stress!
A visit to a nail salon is a great solution when you are looking for a little me time! Why not go one step further and choose an eco-friendly salon? Not only are you treating yourself to a healthier approach to beauty, but you are also helping to keep mother earth healthier too! It’s win-win!
Eco-friendly nails salons use organically based products instead of the harsh toxic chemicals like Formaldehyde that causes breathing problems, wheezing, skin rashes, and even cancer! Or Methyl Methacrylate (MMA) which causes breathing problems, headaches, confusion, and reproductive issues. Then there’s Toluene which causes headaches, dizziness, liver and kidney damage, birth defects, and pregnancy loss. Not to mention the fact that these products are applied to our nails absorbed through our skin, the chemicals are wafting around the salon while we breathe them in, and are released into our atmosphere to wreak even more havoc with our environment. Talk about stress.
Imagine now treating yourself to a manicure using vegan nail polish free of those killer chemicals. Or soothing and natural foot soaks using herbs and oats. Eco-friendly nail salons also provide natural and homemade treatments that contain honey, essential oils, herbs, and pure cane sugar. We can relieve stress in an eco-friendly way, and walk away with beautiful nails and skin while lessening our carbon footprint.
There are natural ways to help keep nails and skin healthy between salon visits that are also safer for our bodies and environment. A teaspoon of olive oil mixed with a few drops of lemon used at least two times a week, can help prevent chipping and peeling. Massage the mixture well covering the entire nail and nail bed. Cover your hands with a manicure glove and leave on overnight. Wake up to strong healthy nails!
To fight nail fungus and for stronger healthier nails try applying a few drops of Tea Tree Oil and a few drops of Vitamin E to your nails. Massage the mixture in well and leave it on for a minutes to give it time to soak in and work its magic. This will also help clear up any existing infections. In a short time your nails will be stronger and healthier than ever!
Nail polish has a way of turning our nails a weird shade of yellow over time, to get rid of the tinge safe and naturally use plain old lemon juice. Drip some lemon juice on a cotton swab, massage it into your nail well, and leave it on for a few minutes. Afterwards, rinse your hands thoroughly with warm water. Your nails will be bright and healthy!
Nail and skin care doesn’t, and more importantly shouldn’t be toxic to either you or our environment. Choose eco-friendly salons and natural products to relieve stress, be beautiful, and keep mother earth healthy as well.


Article by: Cory Christian